A face lift, or rhytidectomy, addresses the lower two-thirds of the face to maintain a naturally beautiful face, neck, and jawline. While it does not stop the aging process itself, it does reset the starting point for natural aging. Depending on the patient’s skin quality, a facelift may last anywhere from five to ten years.

Face Lift Newport Beach, CA

Is a Face Lift Right for Me?

As people age, facial skin loses its elasticity and begins to show the effects of gravity. The jaw line becomes less defined, the neck skin becomes loose, and unwanted folds of skin may appear. This may be increased with excessive sun exposure and a history of smoking. Excess skin may also be seen with dramatic weight loss. Individuals who smoke, have Ehlos Danlos syndrome, or have hemophilia are not candidates for this procedure.

A face lift is a popular and common plastic surgery procedures for both men and women to combat the most visible signs of aging. Often, a face lift is done in conjunction with a browlift, as well as eyelid surgery, to achieve a more youthful appearance for the entire face.

The Procedure

Incisions are hidden in the natural creases around the ear and into the hairline. The skin and fat are lifted and the underlying muscle is tightened, while excess skin and fat are removed. The length of the incision will vary depending on the patient’s needs. The details of the procedure will be customized to the individual, in addition to standard differences for male and female patients.


We keep all of our patients overnight at the surgery center. All male patients will have drains, whereas female patients rarely need them. The reason for this being that males have proportionately more blood vessels in their face and therefore tend to bleed a little more. The next morning, all dressings and drains are removed and you may return home. Another large dressing will be placed, which will remain for four days. On the fourth day, the dressing is removed, and Dr. Nitta will remove the stitches around the ear.

You will then be placed into a “face bra.” This stays on for another week, at which time the remaining sutures in your hair are removed. Your face will be swollen with some bruising, but that will resolve itself in about two weeks. The majority of the visible puffiness will be gone within a month, but your face will remain mildly swollen for several months as it heals. Most patients are happily seen in public with makeup after two weeks.

Dr. Nitta is not only board certified in Plastic Surgery, she also is board certified in Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck surgery, providing her with the additional expertise and experience to provide a great healing experience and beautiful results.

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