Gynecomastia is a term to describe overgrowth of breast tissue in men. The condition can result from hormonal imbalances as a teen, and later in life, as a result of certain medications or drug use.

After identifying the cause of male breast development and correcting the underlying issue, if tissue is still present, surgery may be the only option.

This procedure has helped the self-confidence of many men who in the past may have avoided activities due to their condition.

Male Breast Reduction Newport Beach, CA

Is Male Breast Reduction Right For Me?

The ideal candidate for male breast reduction surgery is any male who has excessive breast tissue, but is of normal weight.  A patient is not a candidate if they have any major medical problems prohibiting them from general anesthesia in an outpatient setting, or are on any type of blood thinners or anticoagulants.

The Procedure

Dr. Nitta’s preferred approach is to combine direct excision of the breast gland with Vaser Liposuction. This technique requires an incision below the areolar and one additional small incision in the armpit. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours.  An additional hour will be required in cases where extra skin needs to be removed.  As with liposuction, the quality of skin will dictate the amount of skin shrinkage afterward. In some cases, a lift may also be necessary to achieve the best results.


After surgery, the patient will wear a compression garment for 4 weeks. On the second post-operative day, the garment, as well as foam padding and gauze, can be removed to shower. The garment is replaced and must continue to be worn 24/7.  Steristrips on the incision sites must be left alone and remain in place. After one week, the patient is seen back in the office for their first follow-up, at which time steristrips and sutures are removed. The compression garment will need to be worn for 3 weeks following the first post-operative visit. Patients will have the option of switching to a compression garment, like Spanx, if they so choose.

Activity will need to be limited for the first 10 days following surgery. On day 11, low impact cardio may be resumed, however any activity engaging the chest area must be put off for 4 weeks. Patients will see immediate improvement, but they will need to wait 4-6 months to see final results (possibly longer depending on swelling).

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